Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Choosing a single product is really a tough job when you have a lot of options to choose from. That is why we have selected a list of Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2017. So you can have a look at the best and choose the one which suits your foot type, play style and type of court you play on.

There are so many “Good” pair of basketball shoes in the market right now, and it might be a challenge to look for the perfect one. So here is our list of the top 10 to help you out!


How We Wrote This Review

How We Wrote This ReviewWhen we write reviews here, we don’t just randomly select products and hope for the best. Oh no. We put more effort into ensuring that every product that we recommend to our readers is of the highest quality possible.

When we write reviews, we search high and low for quality products. We then read through as many reviews as we can possibly get our hands on.

By reading through these reviews, we will be able to determine which products are great, and which ones are not worth your time of day.

When we say whether a feature is good or not, this is through a TON of research. In fact, for many of the basketball shoes that you find on this page, we probably read 30 to 40 reviews to work out what people like about them.

Basically, these reviews are a summary of the thoughts of everybody that ever tried out these products.

Before we share all the details, the table below offers an overview of the top 10 outdoor basketball shoes 2017 on the market.
Shoe NameCushioningSupportWeight 
Nike KB Mentality IILunarlon foam midsoleFlyweave upper, Phylon carrier midsole9.9 oz Check Price
Nike Hyperdunk
(Editor’s Choice)
Responsive Lunarlon cushioningGreat ankle support11.4 oz
Adidas Originals Street Ball IIGenuine leather upper, ample cushioningEQT running support
Nike LeBron XIIUltra- responsive cushioningExcellent none slip sole15.52 oz
Nike Lunar Hyperquickness Tb
(Editor’s Choice)
Zoom Air units, Phylon midsoleLunarlon sole featuring ankle support14 oz
Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015Responsive, low-profile cushioningPlastic cage around the heel along with Flywire12.3 oz
Nike LeBron Soldier IX
(Editor’s Choice)
Responsive Zoom Air cushioningTextile uppers with synthetic overlays14.64 oz
Nike Air Command ForceVisible Air-Sole unit in heelLeather upper with built-in Air Pump technology 9.52 oz
Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013Phylon midsole, 10mm of forefoot unitArch support12.9 oz

How to Select the Right Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Your Game:

Before you head out and purchase basketball shoes, there are a few things that you are going to want to consider.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Are They Suitable For Basketball?

Obviously, for many people, where you are going to be playing basketball is going to be a major factor. Indoor basketball shoes tend not to fair well outside.

This is because the soles of these shoes have been specially designed for indoor surfaces and they may wear down quickly.

If you are spending your time playing basketball outside, then you may want to opt for a good pair of all-rounder shoes.

You will also want to examine your style of basketball. Of course, there are some good all-rounder shoes out there which are great for every element of the game.

However, if you fancy your speed, intricate play, or maybe even dunking, then you may want to pick up a shoe that is perfect for those occasions.

If Your Feet Don’t Fit Snuggly, Don’t Buy!

Your feet are going to be important. When you are playing basketball, you want a pair of shoes that is going to fit snuggly.

Your play will be severely impacted if the shoes are sliding off your feet at all times.

However, you will also want a shoe that is able to adapt to your movement. If you choose a basketball shoe which makes it difficult to change up your play at a moment’s notice, then your ability will plummet.

This is why we have only selected shoes for this list which easily adapt to whatever you throw at them.

Can You Afford Them?

Finally; consider your budget. There are many shoes out there on the market. When we compiled this list, we wanted to have a list which included shoes for all budgets, while at the same time assuring that everything that we chose was built to last. We think we are able to accomplish this!


Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviews


Nike Men’s KB Mentality II – Sexy looking shoe that adapts to how you play

Nike Men's KB Mentality II Basketball Shoe<

Nike has an uncanny ability to craft a basketball shoe which not only looks fantastic but performs remarkably well too.

The Nike Men’s KB Mentality II is the testament to that.

This low-profile shoe will have you performing at your peak, not only on the basketball court but in just about any other sports activity that you can imagine.

Features and Benefits
  • Rubber sole ensures that the shoe is suitable for use on the basketball court.
  • Flyweave technology ensures that the shoe is able to react quickly to your movement.
  • The low-cut design gives full freedom of movement in your ankles, increasing your performance.
  • Mesh ensures that your feet are able to breathe properly while you are wearing this shoe.

  • These shoes look fantastic. While they are designed for use on the basketball court, there is absolutely no reason why you would not be able to wear these ‘out and about ‘. It is rare to find stylish basketball shoes, nowadays.
  • They have constructed for the more ‘dynamic’ basketball players out there. If you are the type of person that likes to move about, then the Nike Mentality shoes are going to be perfect for you.
  • Breathable fabric means that you can wear these shoes for hours on end without the worry of your feet becoming sweaty.
  • Rubber sole helps to pad the shoe somewhat.

  • If you have wide feet, then you may want to look elsewhere, this shoe may not necessarily be for you.
  • Some people do not like the low-cut design of this shoe. That is fine. If you want a bit more support on your ankles, then there are other Nike shoes which may better fit your needs.


These are top quality outdoor basketball shoes which should be suitable for just about every basketball player out there.

If you are looking for a top basketball shoe which allows you to play to a high standard? Check this one out!

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Nike Hyperdunk Men’s Basketball Shoe – Perfect basketball shoes for those who prefer to ‘dunk’

Nike Hyperdunk Perfect Outdoor basketball shoes Many of the Nike shoes that you find on this list have been designed for skillful play or speed.

These shoes have been designed to help you dunk.

If you are one of those basketball players who really loves getting some height and sticking the ball in the net,

the Nike Hyperdunk are worth checking out.

Features and Benefits
  • Made with a herringbone sole. They are designed for indoor use. You will not be able to get the same amount of benefit when playing on outdoor courts.
  • Snug fit. They will not be ‘sliding off’ when you go into those bigger jumps.
  • Padded soles which help with the landing.
  • Provide excellent support for the ankles. This is important, because when you are landing, a lot of strain will be put on that area, and if you wear the wrong shoes, it could damage them.

  • These shoes have been designed with a minimal amount of stitching. This ensures that they last as long as possible.
  • These shoes have been specifically designed for dunkers, but you will still be able to perform well in other areas of your basketball game.
  • Stylish shoe, available in a plethora of different colors.

  • May not be great for those players who favor speed.
  • Probably not the best ‘all round’ basketball shoes. They will improve your game in most areas, but if you are not a dunker, you will want to look elsewhere.


If you want to improve your dunking game, then the Nike Hyperdunk can’t be beaten, particularly at the price that these shoes come in at. We really suggest that you check them out. Take your playing to a whole new level.

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Adidas Originals Street Ball II Men’s – Perfect for those who want a bit of a retro vibe

Adidas Originals Street Basketball Shoes While Adidas have been rapidly expanding the range of basketball shoes that they have over their years,

it can be tough for many basketball players to forget the original ‘Street Basketball Shoe’.

Thankfully, Adidas realized just how good these shoes were, so they decided to give them a rerelease.

Here they are in all of their brilliance!

Features and Benefits
  • Constructed from high-quality leather to ensure maximum durability.
  • The classic design which boasts some of the latest technology in the world of basketball shoes.
  • Lace up closure.
  • Can be used on a variety of playing surfaces.

  • Arguably one of the most stylish basketball shoes on the market right now.
  • Hug your feet perfectly. Purchase the right size, and these will be one of the most comfortable pairs of outdoor basketball shoes that you have ever owned.
  • Not just for playing basketball in. These are proper sneakers that you can wear ‘out and about’.

  • May be too narrow for people with wide feet
  • Limited color varieties


If you want a pair of classic shoes, but you are not really looking to take your basketball to the next level, but instead are looking for a decent pair of sneakers that you can wear, then this route is probably going to be one of the better ones to go down. Why not check out the Adidas Originals Street?

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Nike Men’s Lebron XII – Perhaps some of the most responsive basketball shoes on the market

Nike Men’s Lebron XII Basketball shoe for Outdoor

It seems that with this shoe, Nike threw in all of its major pieces of technology to create something which provides a high level of responsiveness.

If you opt for these shoes, then you can be sure that they are helping you to develop your game in every possible way.

Features and Benefits
  • These shoes have a breathable mesh which ensures that you can wear them comfortable for hours on end.
  • These shoes utilize Nike Zoom technology on the forefoot.This ensures a high level of cushioning. This helps to keep your play nice and agile.
  • Flywire cables over the arch of the foot keep the shoe responsive to your game. It will loosen and tighten with the natural motion of your foot.
  • These shoes have been designed to be easy to put on and pull off.
  • Shoes make use of Hyperposite wings to provide the highest level of support during those sharper cuts.

  • Very responsive shoe. They are perfect for tacticians and speed players alike.
  • This Nikes shoe uses mega fuse technology. This enhances the durability of the shoe, keeping them lasting for longer.
  • These are some of the most ‘cushioned’ shoes from Nike. Since the shoes absorb most of the impact from your plays, you will be able to ensure that you remain speedy on the court.
  • Can be used in situations other than basketball. Some people use them for climbing.

  • Some people complain that they are a little tight around the foot. We suggest that you purchase shoes which are half a size bigger than what you usually purchase.


Nike worked closely with LeBron when they created these shoes. When you slide them on, you can expect to take your play to the next level.

Sure, you are not going to be playing to the standard of LeBron, but you will be amazed at how enough of an improvement to your playing there will be.

They come in at an affordable price too, which means you have no excuse to at least give them a little look!

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Nike Men’s Lunar Hyperquickness Tb – Ideal for basketball players on a budget

Nike Men's Lunar Hyperquickness Tb Basketball Shoe

Nike produces some of the best basketball shoes in the world.

The Nike Lunar has managed to work its way into our top 10 list due to the unbelievable amount of support that it offers the feet.

Nike, as you may well know, produce some of the best shoes on the market.

One area where they seem to perform better than the rest is basketball, with many top players donning their shoes.

This is a shoe which will constantly have you performing at your peak.

Features and Benefits
  • Utilizes Hyperfuse technology: the three layers that make up the shoe are fused together using a unique heating and pressure process.By fusing together the layers in this way, Nike is able to reduce the amount of stitching on the shoe.This means that there are few stitches to wear down, ensuring that the Lunar lasts as long as possible.
  • Zoom Air units enhance the cushioning of the shoe. This not only ensures that the shoes are comfortable to wear, but you are able to perform at your peak each and every time. The Zoom Air units also help to boost flexibility in the shoe.
  • The Phylon Midsole is another piece of technology which actually enhances the flexibility and the responsiveness of the shoe.
  • The Hyperfuse technology has been designed in such a way that not only are you going to be able to enjoy a sturdy shoe with the Lunar, but you are also going to be able to enjoy which is very breathable. This really helps to enhance the comfort levels.

  • The remarkably durable shoe which will perform well for years.
  • Many people report that their basketball game improves due to the overall responsiveness of the shoe.
  • Lockdown fit ensures that not only is the shoe comfortable to wear, but it remains firmly rooted to your feet in even the most intensive games.
  • Available in a multitude of colors so you can get the look that is right for you.

  • Currently not available in a ‘wide’ version which may not be ideal for some people.
  • Can only be worn indoors.


For such an affordable shoe, these perform ridiculously well. If you are a basketball player, no matter the level you play at, you should be able to get some benefit from these shoes.

Take a look at the Nike Lunar if you are after something which comes in at a cheap price, but is sure to last you a long time.

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Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2015 Men’s – Shoes which are great for the most dynamic of players

Nike Zoom Hyperrev 2015 Basketball Shoe All of the Nike basketball shoes are great in their own way.

The Nike Zoom is great for those who want a lightweight shoe which is going to be responsive in even the most intensive of games.

Available in a plethora of different styles.

Features and Benefits
  • TPU heel helps to lock your foot in place. You are going to be hard-pressed to find shoes which offer more support than this.
  • Flywire cables built into the laces.These tighten up the shoes and loosen them based upon the natural movement of your foot. This keeps the shoe nice and responsive.
  • The high amount of cushioning which keeps the shoes nice and comfortable to wear.

  • Mesh ensures that your feet are able to breathe.
  • Rubber sole provides the perfect amount of traction on the basketball court.
  • TPU heel keeps your foot firmly rooted in the boot.
  • Uses Nike Zoom technology to cushion your landings.
  • Lightweight

  • Toe area does not have to cushion, which can make them difficult for some players to wear.
  • Will need to replace the insole for proper levels of comfort.


These Nike shoes have been designed to enhance your game in just about every possible way. Whether you are a dunker, speed player, or somebody who prefers the more tactile approach, we really recommend that you look into the Nike Men’s Zoom. You would be mad not to, particularly at the price they come in at!

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Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 773 IV – Best in durability

Adidas Performance D Rose 773 IV

While Adidas has always been at the forefront of basketball shoe technology, this version of their famous ‘Performance’ is arguably one of the best outdoor basketball shoes that they have put out in years.

It packed to the brim with features which will turn you from a good basketball player into a great one.


Features and Benefits
  • The construction of this shoe keeps seam down to the minimum. This ensures that there is minimal chafing as you play. It also ensures that the shoes will not wear down as quickly as others on the market.
  • This is one of the first basketball shoes in the Adidas range to boast their famous ‘bounce’ technology. This will absorb your jumps, ensuring that you remain as agile as possible.
  • Rubber outsole boasts one of the most advanced traction patterns yet. This will provide you with a high amount of grip on the court, while at the same time ensuring that you are able to move around freely.

  • Provides a high amount of support for the upper foot.
  • While there is coverage for your ankles, it is not a tight fit. This ensures that you are able to keep your ankles ‘rolling’ freely. This, again, is going to help keep you agile on the basketball court.
  • These shoes have been built to last. Their high level of durability is surprising too. They really come in at an affordable price.

  • Not the lightest shoes on the market and this is going to be noticeable to some people. However, if your game does not rely on blazing speed, then this should not be that much of an issue.


The Adidas Performance shoe will enable you to get the most out of your game at an affordable price. These basketball shoes are going to be perfect for players of all skill levels.

We recommend that you check them out if you are looking to improve your game, but you have little in the way of cash to spend in order to get there.

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Nike Men’s LeBron Soldier IX – High quality cushioning

Nike Men's LeBron Soldier IX

We consider the LeBron Soldier IX as one of the best shoes on the basketball court. You are assured of great endurance and versatility once you slide your feet into these shoes.

These two qualities are great enhancers of performance in an intense game. We commend the designers on their choice of the multiple Zoom Air units which ensure responsive cushioning and an excellent quality of fit. If you want some proof of solid lock-down support, find them in the innovative midfoot strap.

You cannot think of great basketball shoes without thinking of stability. The best shoes must keep you stable and protect you from injury. Our way of judging shoe quality is by assessing its capacity to reduce slippage.

In this regard, we find these shoes very stable because of its updated traction. The intensity and vigor that defines basketball calls for robust and durable shoes. These two qualities are sufficiently addressed in the strength of the sole and toughness of the mesh.

Features and Benefits
  • Updated Zoom Air units for low-profile cushioning
  • Innovative Upper for lockdown support
  • Dynamic Flywire technology for the comfortable fit
  • Hexagonal outsole pattern for superior traction
  • Faceted Phylon midsole for comfortable cushioning

  • Improved lockdown support
  • High quality cushioning
  • Enhanced ankle support
  • Designed for extra comfort
  • Enhanced quality of fit

  • Limited color varieties
  • May fit a bit too tight for people with wide feet

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Nike Men’s Air Command Force – Ideal for people with small arches

Nike Men's Air Command Force

We included these basketball shoes among the best because of their unique construction. These shoes come with a polyurethane midsole that stabilizes your feet during intense actions.

The midsole is soft and comfortable and quite ideal for people with small arches. The shoes come with a visible airbag located at the heel section. The airbag ensures soft landings for players who are naturally given to high and aggressive sporting.

The shoes are designed for ultimate durability and top quality traction. They are ideal for selection on the D-Day of any crucial tournament.

Besides, the designers included a high-top silhouette that features a functional air bladder system, which contributes to the high degree of comfort.

The weight of these shoes seems to be just right for playing over long a long duration. We recommend these shoes for both moderate and extreme basketball enthusiasts.

Features and Benefits
  • Reinforced rubber outsole for stability and traction
  • Polyurethane midsole for quality support
  • Fully functional air bladder system for extra comfort
  • Wide base for extra stability
  • Enhanced aesthetic qualities
  • Breathable upper for extra comfort

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Quality traction for stability and safety
  • Sufficiently cushioned for comfort
  • Advanced aesthetic appeal
  • Remarkably sturdy and durable

  • May seem a little stiff for some people
  • Insufficient breathability

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Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 – Original hyperfuse shoe from Nike, and arguably still one of the best

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2013 Outdoor Basketball Shoe

A few years back, Nike decided to pour all of its resources into developing Hyperfuse technology.

This technology was designed to ensure that their shoes were not only durable but also some of the highest performing shoes in the industry.

It is clear to see that they accomplished this goal.

This is why the Nike Hyperfuse 2013, even one of the oldest shoes on this list, is still one of the top outdoor basketball shoes out there.


Features and Benefits
  • Rubber sole provides just the right amount of ‘cushion’ when you are playing on hardwood surfaces.
  • Hyperfuse technology carefully meshes together the layers of the shoe to ensure maximum agility, while at the same time reducing stitching to make sure that these shoes last as long as possible.
  • Very breathable shoe. You will be able to use this for hours on end without any issues.

  • Very breathable shoe.
  • Rubber sole means that this shoe is suitable for wearing in a variety of different playing surfaces.
  • Looks stylish
  • Snug fit around the foot. This means you do not need to worry about them ‘slipping’ during the fastest of plays.

  • There are better shoes on the market which make use of the Hyperfuse technology, but these are arguably some of the most affordable.


If you want to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to Hyperfuse technology, then the low price of these shoes from 2013 will be great for you.

Sure, there are better options on the market, those options are a lot more expensive than this. If you are not playing basketball to a highly competitive level, then these will be suitable. Why not check them out?

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You need to remember that this is not a ‘definitive’ list of every quality basketball in existence.

In our opinion, it would probably be close to impossible to put together a list like that. Instead, when you read through these reviews, think of these shoes as being among the best of the best.

Our guide covers the breadth of basketball shoes on the market. We have left no stone unturned.

Therefore, if you end up picking a shoe from this page, and we seriously suggest that you do, then you can be sure that it is of a high quality.

No ifs or buts about that! These shoes are great. You are going to love them! Remember; we know that new shoes are coming out all of the time for basketball players.

Therefore, if something does not tickle your fancy right now, bookmark this website and return. You never know what you will be able to uncover in the future!

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